Amplified is the first fully AI-powered patent search platform. We partnered with them to develop the brand from the ground up, including the brand identity, marketing materials, and interface design. Their product challenges the category at large and offered us an opportunity to help redefine a process in an very specialized niche.

Branding + Identity
Product Design
Web Design
Web Development

Brand Identity

At its core, the Amplified brand is challenging the future of patent search and information work at large. It envisions a future where AI creates efficiencies where humans can’t, where the rate of innovation expands exponentially. The brand identity draws inspiration from mid-century retro-futurism, a nod to the cyclical process of innovation—while maintaining the ability to coexist with modern tech companies.

Interface Design

The Amplified product called for a complete overhaul of the current patent search process. Detailed userflows and wireframing allowed us to map out an experience that was completely different than conventional workflows but still intuitive enough to hit the ground running. Because of the specialized nature of the content and density of language, our approach to the interface design leaned heavily on a clear typographic hierarchy with judicious application of color and visual elements.