Mason Pay

MasonPay started as a simple question: If most people are in debt, why are there so many investing apps? Designed to help people end the vicious cycle of debt, MasonPay was created to fill a void other FinTech companies have failed to address. We worked with MasonPay to create a brand, develop a story, and build a product from the ground up. MasonPay launched in summer 2018, quickly taking on thousands of users and managing over $30M in credit card debt.

Product Design
Branding + Identity
Studio rubric mason pay product design branding

Brand Identity

The competitive landscape for MasonPay was filled with companies claiming to help their users in debt, but were usually just glossy exteriors for big banks or predatory loan services. Their brand positioning often felt corporate and cold, with very little evidence of a human touch. Our goal with MasonPay was to shine an uplifting and friendly light on a challenging topic, welcoming users to join in on a journey together. Rather than screaming from the mountain tops, the brand was designed to stand side by side with its users, and speak to them directly–as we often did.

Interface Design

MasonPay was designed to do one thing: help people pay off debt. As the initial idea and product scope was defined, we were vigilant in stripping away any functionality that did not make it easier to pay down debt. We quickly learned from early testing that we were designing for a very specific audience–and continued to work with early users throughout the design and development process to refine the product experience.